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Radio XL is the only 24-hour Commercial Asian Radio Station available in the West Midlands region. Established over 24 years, the station is well established and available on 1296AM, DAB channel 11B and online.

We broadcast in English and Asian Languages – Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Mirpuri, Gujarati, Bengali and others.

Radio XL meets the needs of all communities with a mixture of music, news, debate, information and entertainment, all served up with a sense of humour.

Whether it be the Bollywood Classics from the 1950s or the Bhangra tracks released last week you want to hear, Radio XL has a programme for you!

Radio XL has special programming to cater for each of the key religions within the Asian community, and makes it a priority to produce special programmes for the key festivals. Just to name a few, this includes Christmas, Easter, Vaisakhi, Ramadan and Diwali.

Come and visit us to see our team at work!


Housed in a modern complex with ‘state of the art’ computerised broadcasting equipment., Radio XL is situated in the heart of Birmingham City Centre. It has a wide range of programs reaching all sections of the community using Asian and English languages.

Our key presenters are household names, with some having presented on Radio XL for over 19 years.

The Asian community are avid listeners of the radio, whilst they are a diverse community of many religions and cultural backgrounds, they all share a love of music.

The station covers a vast area through the frequency 1296am.


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Radio XL has always been actively involved with concerts, ‘melas’, road-shows and live-links within the community.

From music concerts and melas to fundraising campaigns and religous/ educational events, Radio XL is recognised as an important voice of the community and a channel for promoting public awareness on many topical and sensitive issues.

The station has successfully received multiple awards for its service to the community over the years and with the support of listeners, raised over £500,000 for charity.


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