Radio XL has had considerable involvement in charity work. Since 1998 the station has raised funds of over 20,000 rupees as detailed:

  • 2015 – With the help of our dedicated listeners, and in conjunction with charity Midland International Aid Trust UK,  Radio XL raised £12,000 for huts to be built for victims of the earthquake in Nepal.
  • 2014 – Radio XL presented a special programme to help find a stem cell donor for blood cancer patient Inderpal Singh with the help of Delete Blood Cancer UK.
  • 2014- Human Appeal Ladies Retro Fashion Show – Money raised for Syria and Ghaza.
  • 2014- Namdhari Sangat Charity Concert – A new shelter for the poor in Malawi.
  • 2013- Radio XL worked with the Mukhtar Welfare Trust to organise a charity stage drama , the funds of which were put towards social projects for community such as Child abuse awareness, A medical mission, The women’s awareness programme and the IFTEFAQ project – helping people find marriage partners.
  • 2013- Radio XL was involved in a charity concert to raise money for The National Blind Childrens Society.
  • 2010- Radio XL donated supplies of food to aid the victims of the floods in Pakistan.
  • 2005 – Pakistan Earthquake – Radio XL supplied sheets for roofing and monies for sewing machines to re-train widows.
  • 2004 – Tsunami Disaster – Radio XL donated monies for those orphaned in the disaster.
  • 2001 – Gujurat Earthquake – In conjunction with Arya Samaj we built an orphanage in Gandhidam.
  • 1999- Orissa Appeal – Built a complete village called Goodi Sahi and provided the school with furniture and computers.
  • 1998- Bangladesh Floods Appeal – In conjunction with Rotary we built new pumped water wells.
  • 1998- Gujurat Cyclone – In conjunction with Rotary we built 12 school roofs and 2 health centres.

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